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Over the years I have heard many complaints regarding bad experiences people have had with DJ Hire and DJ Services. When choosing a DJ to Hire for your special occasion, there are a few things about DJ Hire you should know and keep in mind. On most occasions you can choose your own DJ for Hire, but there are venues that require you to use their in-house DJ’s.

I have decided to write this article to give you a better insight into picking the right DJ’s for your special event.

No matter what the case, make sure the DJ your hiring meets some simple, yet crucial, standards.

Here are the top 9 tips when Hiring a DJ:

Choose a Professional DJ

With current technology it is easy to compose your own playlist on iTunes, Winamp or Windows media player. You can then find a family friend with big speakers and there you go. So why do you need to pay to hire a DJ?

If you think back to the weddings or functions you have attended as a guest, you will remember three things: the food, the party and the music.

A good DJ is an entertainer with extensive sound and music knowledge. Entertaining your guests with music is a skill that a DJ acquires over the years. The atmosphere needs to be changed constantly using music and sound levels. If you find yourself tapping your feet to a song during the main course, then your DJ is spot on.

Where to find your DJ.

In South Africa there are a lot of DJ’s and DJ Hire Companies to choose from. You might find them on Google, Facebook, Event Websites and even in local newspapers. Your best bet will be to contact a DJ you enjoyed at a previous function or via word of mouth from a trusted friend. There are a lot of new DJ’s entering the market every year with very low prices. I have no problem with that because we all needed to start somewhere, but I would not advise it. Choosing an inexperienced DJ is a high risk that you might have to live with for the rest of your life. A DJ can be responsible for the best party of the year, or guests eye-balling their watches early waiting to make a break for it.    

Get a Licensed DJ.

The next thing few people know about is the organisations, DJ hire companies need to be part of to prevent an official to shut down the music at your function. These organisations are SAMRO (Southern Africa Music Rights Organisation) and SAMPRA (South African Music Performance Rights Association). These organisations are responsible for paying the artists and composers of the music played by DJ’s. I have never seen representatives of these organisations show up at any of our events and my personal experience with the service of these organisations are a bit shaky. Still, why take the chance? So ask your DJ if they are part of these organisations and ask for a copy of their licences if needed.

Your DJ should have an extensive knowledge of music.

The most important attribute of a DJ is his knowledge of music. I work with a database of 80 000 songs. It might not be the largest selection, but all the songs are original and high quality hits. Your worst nightmare is to have a DJ that plays bad quality rip offs of beautiful music. Ask your DJ about his music selection and probe him to find out about his personal taste in music. A good DJ should be able to cater music for all ages, races and languages in the same room. A DJ that caters for one group will end up irritating the other groups. I am sure you have attended a wedding where the DJ plays one genre of music and then just sticks with it the whole night. A DJ that knows his music will be able to take one look at a crowd and play the right variety of music to keep everyone happy. A good extra we provide is to have an additional plug plugged into our system that allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to play a song should we not have it. This is a rarity as we also have a working internet connection on the spot to download legal, high quality songs.

Make sure your DJ has professional equipment.

There is a lot of cheap DJ Hire equipment on the market these days. With some brands you can easily hear the difference. With top DJ brands only a well-trained ear would be able to tell the difference. With any sound set-up your system is only as good as the weakest link. It is no use for a DJ to have top quality speakers, but a wireless microphone that picks up local security chat. Even a cheap faulty cable can render a speaker useless. Make sure your DJ has up to date quality equipment. A good DJ will also carry back-up for certain parts of the sound system like cables, a hard drive, laptop etc. Ask your DJ about ALL his equipment. Here are some trusted DJ brands – AKG, JBL, Wharfedale, SHURE, Sennheiser, Yamaha and HK. 

Your DJ should presentable and on time.

The general view of a DJ is someone that looks sloppy. Make sure that your DJ is dressed in all black for your occasion. A DJ should be well dressed, shaved and presentable for your guests. People find it difficult to talk to someone that looks like they just got out of bed. A DJ should also be on time, With a wedding, or small to medium function, a DJ should arrive one and a half hours prior to the starting time of your function. A good way to test your DJ is to have a meeting with him at a central location. If he cares about being on time, he will be early for the meeting.

Keep your DJ happy.

This may seem like a senseless subject, Why do you have to keep your DJ happy if you are already paying him? Unfortunately we are all just human. Treating your DJ like a ghost will just make him feel unwelcome and he will struggle to relate to the crowd. A DJ’s performance is directly linked to the mood he is in. I am not saying to cut your DJ slack, but a positive attitude, a plate of food and a simple thanks will drive a DJ to do his absolute best at keeping your guests entertained to the last minute. My personal goal is to have at least 50% of the guests dancing until midnight. 

The price you pay for Dj Hire.

Why pay a DJ R5000.00 if you can get another quote for R1500.00? As mentioned earlier, you will end up paying for quality equipment and DJ experience. A R1500.00 DJ might end up as a no show or he will pitch up late with out-dated ugly equipment. When receiving a quote from a DJ, make sure there are no hidden costs and that you know what the price is for overtime. We quote our clients according to their exact needs. DJ Hire Costs, Sound Costs, Lighting Costs and Transportation. When paying a high price for a DJ, keep the following in mind


- The time they spend with you over the phone and meetings.

-  The time spent to check equipment before your function.

- The time spent driving to your venue and doing the set-up.

- The DJ’s experience and equipment.

- The late night high risk drive back home.

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